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What I learned after creating a failed start-up
Failures are a good way of learning. Each failure is a step towards success. There is a quote: “A smart[...]
How You can Hire Talent For Your Marketing agency
Clients are coming to me from all over the place. Some of them are asking for services that we don't[...]
Why The Opening Is More Important Than The Close In B2B Sales
It seems like every salesman in the world is obsessed with "HOW TO CLOSE MORE MEETINGS!?!"  As a result, a[...]
How To Build Better Sales Relationships | PPC Technique
Are you tired of no-show meetings? Tired of people pulling their contract at the last second? Keep on reading. The[...]
How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency
Want to get 800 new meetings?Actually scratch that. How about getting 5-12 qualified meetings with prospects that can pay for[...]
5 Steps That Helped Me Network With 1 Billionaire & Multiple Millionaires
Your network is your net worth A powerful and important statement to start off the article. Every successful business, every[...]
6 Lessons From Interviewing 6 Millionaires
Last summer me and my client Deivids Cjukša, decided to create a podcast for our local newspaper Delfi. We called[...]
Sell The Meeting, Not The Service | Here’s why you can’t close meetings
Want to learn how I was able to land a meeting with Bose, VC4, a 3,6 Billion dollars/year company? Keep[...]
Not All Sales Meetings Are Equal, So Don’t Approach Them Like They Are
What if I told you, it doesn't matter how many meetings you set? You would probably be confused & some[...]

Generate leads that come to you

What Are Leads In Sales?
Every one, who's starting a business always asks me this question - what are leads in sales? So I finally[...]
Here’s Why You NEED a Website (For SMMA & Coaching)
One of the most common questions I've heard is "Reinis, do I need a website for my business?"  The short[...]
Power VS Force| How To Close 68% Of Your B2B Meetings
How would you like to close 68% of the meetings you land?Sounds insane, right... Yeah, that's because it is. The[...]
What Is An Accountability Buddy? | How To Use Them Properly?
Here's a complimentary FREE tool to help you track and plan out your goals with your accountability buddy! The Article[...]
How to turn your clients into a sales team (How to get more referrals)
A client is much more valuable than most agencies perceive. They not only, give you $$$, but they also have[...]
3 Tips to be Comfortable in SMMA Sales
Summary: Everybody wants to make money, but don't no one wants to sell. Here are 3 ways you can overcome[...]
Here’s how to get SMMA clients coming to you (Proof)
Summary: Want to learn how I get clients knocking on my door begging for me work with them? Here's how[...]
Get SMMA Clients Coming To YOU! (Noone Showed You This!)
Summary: Here's how you can leverage your network and social media to get clients coming to you. Claim Your FREE[...]
Dear SMMA owners,
Summary:Here's why most agencies can't succeed and never will.... Claim Your FREE "Top 8 SMMA Niches Low-Competition" Cheatsheet!Click here:
How I closed a $3,900 SMMA Deal On My Couch
Summary: For some reason, most SMMA owners, have forgotten about one of the most powerful lead generation and sales strategies...[...]
STOP Outsourcing Your SMMA (It’s dangerous!)
Summary: Stop and hear me out! Outsourcing as you know it is dangerous... Here's how to do it properly Claim[...]
How Do The Best SMMA Owners Get Clients (THE TRUTH NOONE TELLS YOU)
Summary: No one has revealed this truth yet... Here's how the best SMMA owners get their clients. Claim Your FREE[...]
The Dark Matter For Success
Summary: What makes one a success and another a failiure? I dove deep into what makes up your success, and[...]
How To Never Have A NO SHOW Meeting again
Summary: Are you sick of getting no-shows to your meetings? This video will give you tips to eliminate them! Claim[...]
Will this email strategy FINALLY work? | How To Get Meetings for SMMA
Summary: Want to get clients with emails? Watch this! In this video I will show you how to land SMMA[...]
Why Do Rich People Get Hot Girlfirends (No, it’s not the money)
Summary: Have you ever wondered why do all the rich people get hot girls? Click here to find out why[...]
The 1 Conversation That Made Me $10,000 in 30 days
Summary: A couple of years ago one of my mentors gave me the most empowering speech for me... Today's the[...]
You Won’t Beleive Why My Client Gave Me $4000
Summary: Here's a powerful strategy for you to get high-paying, easy-to-handle clients Claim Your FREE "Top 8 SMMA Niches Low-Competition"[...]
Proposals SUCK! Here’s what to use instead…
Summary: Proposals have killed more than THOUSANDS, if not millions, all over the world. They're not ment for sales and[...]
Step By Step Guide To Start A Successful SMMA
Summary: Here's a guide on how can you can start your own profitable social media marketing agency. Claim Your FREE[...]
Why Your SMMA Is Failing
Summary: Even thought SMMA is the best business models in the game, too many entrepreneurs struggle with it. Here's why[...]
6 Figure Agency With These Niches (Easiest SMMA Success Blueprint)
Summary:Too many SMMA owners are focusing on the niches, that can't seem to get you the results you desire. So[...]
Is this SINGLE mistake costing YOU $1,435/mo?
Summary This is so sad... People lose thousands of opportunity cost, just because of stupid mistakes...This is the bi-product of[...]

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